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  Document Currently locked by: dcolburn A DocuShare Users Guide (Pdf)

The tool of choice.

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  Document Currently locked by: dcolburn acr5andmsoffice.pdf dcolburn 09/23/02 580 KB
  Document Currently locked by: dcolburn DocuShareManual.doc

The Edutech DocuShare training manual for version 2.2 in MS Word format

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  Document eBook.pdf dcolburn 09/21/02 715 KB
  Document Uses for DocuShare.doc dcolburn 03/03/03 22 KB
  URL DocuShare at Wayne Central School

Wayne Central's support page on the web for DocuShare

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  URL The Guide to DocuShare

A more extensive user's manual for DocuShare

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  URL Web Resources at Edutech for DocuShare

A variety of DocuShare helps and resources from Edutech

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  URL What Is DocuShare?

A tutorial explaining what DocuShare is and does.

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  URL Xerox' DocuShare Helpdesk

Online help resource for DocuShare at Xerox' website

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  URL Xerox' DocuShare Information

DocuShare Information from Xerox

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