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  Type   Title Owner Modified Date Size Actions
  Collection Board of Education

Meeting Agendas, Letters to the Board

lsmith4 06/04/04 402
  Collection WCSD All Users' Folders

Folders for individual users

dcolburn 10/05/04 8
  Collection WCSD Curriculum

A collection of curriculum related information and resources

dcolburn 07/18/06 11
  Collection WCSD District Documents

A collection of documents used district wide

dcolburn 09/15/02 4
  Collection WCSD DocuShare Helps

DocuShare helps and resources

dcolburn 09/15/02 11
  Collection WCSD QSP

QSP Program and Documentation

dcolburn 01/03/08 4
  Collection WCSD Staff Development

Shared Instructional Materials

dcolburn 09/15/02 0
  Collection WCSD Student Services (PPS) dcolburn 06/21/03 10
  Collection WCSD Tech Support 1034 ( 315.524.1034 from outside )

Front row, left to right: Kathy Uerz, Cynthia Marines, Dave Colburn Standing, left to right: Kathy Green, Annie Fousse, Coralie TeWinkle, Russ Harris

dcolburn 02/03/05 11
  URL All - Wayne CSD DocuShare users group

A list of all the DocuShare users at Wayne Central School District

dcolburn 11/30/04 0
  URL DocuShare at Wayne Central School

Wayne Central's support page on the web for DocuShare

dcolburn 12/27/01 0
  URL DocuShare Community Registry

The registry of DocuShare users and groups

dcolburn 12/27/01 0
  URL Edutech School Districts' Collections

A list of the main collections for each school using Edutech's DocuShare

dcolburn 12/27/01 0
  URL User's guide to DocuShare at Xerox' DocuShare Helpdesk

User's guide to DocuShare

dcolburn 01/29/02 0