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  Collection WCSD Office of Student Services Documentation

PPS References

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  Collection WCSD PPS Forms dcolburn 06/21/03 2
  Calendar Office of Student Services Calendar

Calendar of Pupil Personnel Services events

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  Discussion Office of Student Services Bulletin Board

Office of Student Services Threaded Discussions

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  URL Assisitive and Adaptive Technology at Wayne Central School District

Assistive technology references and resources

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  URL IEP Direct Login

Login web page for the IEP Direct service

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  URL Matching Person and Technology

An excellent local website for assistive technology by Marcia J. Scherer, the author of "Living In the State of Stuck: How Technology Impacts the Lives of People with Disabilities"

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  URL NYS Education Department Resources for Individuals with Disabilities

Resources for Individuals with Disabilities

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  URL Students with Disabilities Website by Barb Heald dcolburn 06/04/04 0
  URL Wayne Central School District's Home Page dcolburn 08/10/03 0