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  Type   Title Owner Modified Date Size Actions
  Collection Administration rdickenson 12/21/07 0
  Collection Administrative Leadership Team rdickenson 12/21/07 0
  Collection Central Business Office

Providing Business Services to the Seneca Falls, Waterloo, and Romulus School Districts.

rdickenson 12/21/07 0
  Collection Data Analysis admin 02/01/05 27
  Collection District SDM rdickenson 12/21/07 2
  Collection Enrichment Services

Information For Arts-in-Education, Project ADEPT, and Other Enrichment Projects

rdickenson 12/21/07 14
  Collection Finger Lakes School to Career Consortium rdickenson 12/21/07 6
  Collection For All Staff Day rdickenson 12/21/07 0
  Collection Imaging Center

We can print files from the following software ONLY: MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint 4.3 and 95 (version 7.0) files, RTF, PDF, and MS Publisher 2.0

rdickenson 12/21/07 1
  Collection NON Committee

The purpose of the committee is to share information and resources from within W-FL BOCES to help ALL students in the region achieve the NYS Learning Standards. Our goals are to decrease duplication, increase collaboration and collegiality, and improve services and communication both within our BOCES and with our external partners.

rdickenson 12/21/07 1
  Collection Personnel rdickenson 12/21/07 1
  Collection Regional Instructional Council rdickenson 01/02/08 10
  Collection Total Quality Management rdickenson 12/21/07 0
  Collection Wayne Technical and Career Center rdickenson 12/21/07 0
  Collection W-FL BOCES - Board rdickenson 12/21/07 3
  Collection W-FL BOCES - Chief School Officers cmurray 09/21/12 4
  Collection W-FL BOCES - Staff Development rdickenson 12/21/07 1
  Collection W-FL BOCES Business Office rdickenson 12/21/07 3
  Collection W-FL BOCES Forms

Includes Payroll, Personnel, Mileage/Expense, etc.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to open all forms.

If you cannot open these files, please obtain the Reader from Adobe's web site and install it on your computer.

Once you've opened the file, you may print it and return it to our office.

rdickenson 12/21/07 2
  Collection W-FL BOCES Policy Review

For reviewing process

rdickenson 12/21/07 9
  Collection W-FL School Library System rdickenson 12/21/07 1
  Collection W-FL Vocational and Continuing Education rdickenson 12/21/07 1
  Collection Xerox Pilot rdickenson 12/21/07 2