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HEAT 9.0.2 Workstation setup.doc
HEAT Workstation Setup

HEAT 9.02 Workstation Setup

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Creating the Data Source for HEATFrom the Start Menu, select Settings\Control PanelOn the Control Panel select Administrative Tools\Data Sources (ODBC).
  • You should then see a window like this
Click the System DSN tab along the top (2nd from left).
  • If you have a prior HEAT data source, highlight and click remove.
  • Click OK
You should see your new data source.
  • Now double click Edu-Adm, then the folder Vol1, then Apps, then HEAT Client, then NET 3.5
Highlight dotnetfx35setup.exe and click the Open button (or double click dotnetfx35setup.exe)Click OKAccept the User Agreement by clicking on the radio button and then click the ‘Install’ buttonEnsure ...
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HEAT 9.0.2 Workstation setup.doc
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