1. LAKENet Content Filter Release Agreement
  2. 2011-2012 School Year



LAKENet Content Filter Release Agreement

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2011-2012 School Year

This is a single user password to be used in the user’s home district only and is not to be shared. The person requesting the password override assumes all responsibility for its use. The override password bypasses all content filtration for the person using it. It allows full access to all areas of the Internet, and does not block any sites regardless of educational value. Use of this password and the sites it may access will be monitored. The override password will be changed on a regular basis to ensure security and the user will be notified via e-mail only. Those who require an override password will be charged a maintenance fee of $57.00 (subject to change with notice). In order to ensure that the request is in keeping with the mission of LAKENet, all fields below must be completed before processing will occur. The form must be signed by the district superintendent, district LAKENet coordinator, and the person using the override password. Please allow 5 working days from receipt of fully completed form for processing.
Duration of Override (Please Select One): 

q This School Year or the Remainder of it
q Date Range within this School Year - Please Specify: _________________________________________________
q Permanently

Educational Basis for Override: _____________________________________________________________________________
District Name: ____________________________________________
Superintendent: ___________________________________________________________________________Date: ____________
District Technology Coordinator: ____________________________________________________________ Date: _____________
Signature of person the override is for: ________________________________________________________ Date: _____________
Name of person the override is for (Please Print): _________________________________________________________________
Email address of person override is for (Please Print): ______________________________________________________________

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