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LAKENet WEB Site/Master Agreement
2011-2012 School Year

Requesting District __________________________________________________________________________________________
There are two types of accounts, ‘Web Master’ and ‘site support’.
A ‘Web Master’ account has full access to the entire web site, assume all responsibility for site content, use of account is monitored, and person(s) with this type of account can call Edutech for support. ‘Web Master’ accounts are charged a maintenance fee of $ 58.72 per school year (this includes 50 Mb of disk space). The ‘site support’ account is for a group of teachers (by building or activity) or an individual teacher to publish to a sub-web or use FTP to update their folder   and there is no fee attached to them. Additional server space, that is the amount above that which is included with ‘Web Master’ accounts is billed per school year at $25.00 per 50 Mb. Web site creation/maintenance is supported using a PC with Windows XP or greater or a Macintosh with System 7.5.1 or higher using MS Front Page, MS Word, MS Publisher or an FTP client (Dreamweaver fits in this group) to do the actual updates. In order to ensure that the request is in keeping with the mission of LAKENet to register a ‘Web Master’ account, all fields below must be completed before processing will occur. The form must be signed by the district superintendent and district LAKENet coordinator. The ‘site support’ accounts are submitted by a person with a ‘Web Master’ account via e-mail or fax (send to e-mail address or fax number listed below) and need to include a full name, user-id (must include reference to district) and a password along with the sub-web for FP publishing or the folder for FTP that they will be using. Please allow 5 working days from receipt for processing. A person with a ‘Web Master’ account will be contacted when any additional account(s) are created. Please let us know which method you will use to update the site.
First Name Last Name
Telephone Number Unique password of 6 to 8 characters E-Mail Address

District Signatures:
Superintendent: ___________________________________________________________________________Date:_____________
LAKENet Coordinator: _____________________________________________________________________ Date:____________

Please return to: Robert Bennett
LakeNet Team
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Fax 315-332-7347
                                 Email rbennett@edutech.org

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