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LAKENet VPN Agreement
2011-2012 School Year

Requesting District __________________________________________________________________________________________
By signing this document, it is understood and agreed that the requesting school district is fully aware of the ramifications of VPN access and the possible issues that may occur by opening the district network to VPN clients. Further, the district assumes full responsibility for VPN client usage within the district network and LAKENet in general. Cost of VPN service is available by contacting your EduTech project coordinator and is subject to change with notice. Due to the nature of a VPN, no support will be given for any machines outside the LAKENet Environment (ie. Client machines). The district LAKENet coordinator will be notified by email when the accounts are established. In order to ensure that the request is in keeping with the mission of LAKENet, all fields below must be completed before processing will occur. If additional space required please attach list. Please allow 5 working days from receipt of fully completed form for processing.  The form must be signed by the district superintendent and district technology coordinator. Special access is only available for servers and each device/ip number requires a separate registration form.
First Name Last Name
Telephone Number Unique password of 6 to 8 characters E-Mail Address


District Signatures:
Superintendent: ___________________________________________________________________________Date:_____________
Technology Coordinator: ___________________________________________________________________ Date:______________

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