1. LAKENet Coordinator Website Bypass Agreement
  2. 2011-2012 School Year
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LAKENet Coordinator Website Bypass Agreement

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2011-2012 School Year

In order to eliminate some of the paperwork and expedite making certain sites available to district staff and students, we have created this form to be signed by the superintendent once, giving permission for the LAKENet coordinator in their district to request currently blocked websites be made available. This will enable the coordinator to request sites be opened without the necessity of getting superintendent approval for each request. This is a blanket form that will permit the designated person to authorize sites to be opened upon request. All requests must be faxed or emailed to EduTech for processing. Please allow 1 to 3 business days for processing of each request.
By signing this document, it is understood and agreed that the requesting school district is fully aware of the ramifications of open access to the sites requested by the District LAKENet Coordinator and the possible legal and or security breaches that may occur by doing so. Further, the district assumes full responsibility making these sites available on the local network. This form will need to be resubmitted yearly or upon change of superintendent or LAKENet coordinator.
This form must be signed by the district superintendent and district LAKENet coordinator before processing will occur.
Requesting District __________________________________________________________________________________________
Date Requested _____________________________________________________________________________________________

District Signatures:
Superintendent: ___________________________________________________________________________Date:_____________
LAKENet Coordinator: _____________________________________________________________________ Date:____________

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