Keshequa's Heroes

Here is our current list of former students who are now bravely serving our Nation.

If you have any additions or corrections, please contact the "Star Committee" at Keshequa High School.

Mrs Clancy or Mr. Cook at the Nunda Building

Mrs. Weaver at the Dalton Building

Also see pages on our display cases and our special assembly.

Rank if Known First Name Last Name Branch Family is from...
Michael Allard U.S. Navy Dalton, NY
Timothy Baxter U.S. Air Force Hunt, NY
Staff Sgt. Christopher Bogdan U.S. 3rd Army Cavalry Regiment Mt. Morris
ET 1St Class Jason Borgus U.S. Navy Nunda
Andrew Buchinger U.S. Army Mt. Morris
Lt. Trisha Buchinger-Snyder U. S. Navy Nunda
LCPL Corey Clancy U.S. Marine Corps Hunt, NY
PV2 Andrew Clark U.S. Army Hunt, NY
PFC Nathan Clark U.S. Army Hunt, NY
Jacob Crocker U.S. Air Force Hunt, NY
PO 3rd Class Timothy Dietz U.S. Navy Seabees Nunda
Airman Jeffrey Douglass U.S. Air Force Nunda
Paul Durnion U.S. Army Nunda
Jeremy Galton U.S. Navy Hunt, NY
Rick Garwood U.S. Marine Corps Nunda
Staff Sgt. Sarahbeth Harmon Simonson U.S. Air Force Nunda
Stephanie James Foster U.S. Air Force Nunda
SPC Eric Jeffords U.S. Army 3rd Cavalry Regiment Swain
Lowell Jeffords U.S. Air Force Swain
Airman Jacob Jinks U.S. Air Force Mt. Morris
William Kohlmeier U.S. Navy Nunda
SPC Jeremy Palmer Army National Guard Nunda
PFC Noah Palmer U.S. Marine Corps Nunda
CWO Jason Perry U.S. Army 2nd Cavalry Regiment Mt. Morris
Michael Petti Army National Guard Nunda
Shawn Petti Army National Guard Nunda
Sgt. Gary Rocker U.S. Army Dalton, NY
Capt. Thomas Shultz U.S. Army 3rd Cavalry Regiment Nunda
  Ryan Smith   U. S. Army  
Tech. Sgt. Mark Smith U.S. Air Force Hunt, NY
Injured Paul Straton U.S. Army Nunda
Chad Stremovihtg U.S. Army Nunda
Shannon Surman U.S. Army Dalton, NY
Sgt. 1st Class James VanSickle U.S. Army
Lt. Kenneth Weaver Jr. U.S. Navy Seabees Nunda/Mt. Morris
Corp. Susan Wilcox U.S. Air Force Nunda/Dansville
Chief LeRoy Wood U.S. Navy Dalton, NY
Relatives of Nunda Residents Currently Serving
x Ben Nolette U.S. Air Force
x Jeffrey Lord U.S. Air Force
x Michael Huff U.S. Marine Corps
x Peter Gilbert U.S. Marine Corps
x Gerald Hotchkiss U.S. Air Force
x Tom Burns U.S. Air Force
x - Not KCS students - related to Nunda Families and KCS staff
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in cooperation of the Nunda Area Veteran's Team